Sunday, November 8, 2009

It's been a long time...

Life happens and sometimes you get swallowed up. Here's what's going on;

Last month my mom had a heart valve replaced by a pig one. Now she is doing great and we are teasing her that now she is Ms. Piggy. She feels better than she remembers ever feeling.

Jim's work has been getting worse. They are pressuring the drivers not to take their breaks or lunches and changing the safety rules every other week. They have cut back our benefits and there will be just a .25 raise in the next three years.

On a better note, my career looks promising and I feel like the wheels of an income are starting to roll. It will be nice when I feel like I have finally managed to get some traction. Not quite spinning my wheels, but not yet in full gear. Progress is progress and I am ecstatic about it. Right now I am helping some friends buy a home (more like a ranch). Things are looking good and they are very happy. What a great feeling! I do love my job.

Chalise, is coming up on the end of her Japanese III class and may just get an A! Cameron, is learning a thing or two on computers. He has been messing with codes and languages like HTML. He is offering to give my blog a better look. I think we will see what he can do.

Jim, is currently on vacation. Two days ago we went up to Deep Creek and found a couple of deer. We also found some beautiful views!

Yesterday we went to Venice Beach. What an experience and what a change from the mountains!

Today, Chalise and I are going to see Stuart Little at the Laguna Playhouse. One of Chalise's friends is in the play. I was very impressed (both with the playhouse and Ashley Nelson) the last time we went to see one of these plays. I'm sure it will be great!