Sunday, December 12, 2010

Changes in Life

This time in my life is strange. So much changing; me, my kids, our home life, our home, schedules, interests, relationships. We could start with me and the kids. My children are now both teens. We are still close but, they are trying to be their own people with their own interests and their changing needs. Which is great and normal it should be. I'm feeling less needed by them which is again, normal and how it should be. I've become more a taxi driver to them than their mom and educator. I'm proud to say they are very much self learners and I can't even try to keep up with all they learn everyday. I've have learned to get out of the way in that regard. I miss the snuggles on the couch all huddled up together but enjoy the humorous exchange in conversation and going out on the town with them. Not bad, just different.

As I find my new roll and place in my family, I also find my friendships changing. I have been able to reach out to more people and get to know many new wonderful personalities. I'm having a blast socialising after having pulled back for so long to dedicate that time to my children. Now they are more social and so am I. It truly is wonderful! Sometimes though, it still feels strange. Throw in a career that I really enjoy and what a happy woman am I. Tired and sometimes exhausted, but content and extremely happy nun the less.

The home life is changing because of the teens and my new found social self. Which is also why we are changing our living location! We need the bigger house and the yard to accommodate all the fun we want to plan. We need this space to have our parties and activities in. If you've been to our house, you would have seen that there just isn't much room to have visitors over. So, we have listed our house. It is for sale and with that comes more chores to keep it in saleable condition. We hope it sells soon so we can start having some events at our house!