Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Already an Amazing Experience

I had been wanting to be on the Amazing Race since the first episode aired. My friend Debbie and I would talk and dream about the day for years. Now I finally have a real chance to actually try out! Although it won't be with Debbie ( she is not in a position at this time) but with Cheryl! Cheryl and I met at a homeschool park day she co/founded. It is a wonderful group of amazing families. The best part is that this group is VERY divers and tolerant. So, my children and I can have the experience of knowing all kinds of people with all kinds of views.

Cheryl just sent in our applications Monday and already I am learning so much more about myself and my homeschool community. I guess the biggest thing I am learning about this community is how truly supportive they are. I moved around a lot growing up and I guess I have never really looked toward a community for support because, I would only be there for a short time. So, this is a bit strange to me, in a good way.

I really hope that we get on The Amazing Race and be able to show homeschool moms in a good light. I also hope we inspire moms to go after their dreams when they get a chance to do so. NO matter how old you are or how long out of the work force, you can still accomplish what you want. I have already started part of my journey with my career. Now I have this "amazing" opportunity! I do feel compelled to thank Debbie and Amy, it wasn't the time for them to go for this dream and they are still cheering Cheryl and I on. What wonderful women! Don't forget ladies, if Cheryl and I don't make it on, we can still apply with you when you are ready!

We had a lot of fun taping our application DVD! We were being so silly. Peggy let us borrow her camcorder and David (Cheryl's hubby) was our camera/producer man. What a great job he did. Peggy's also helping us edit! Can you believe how people are chipping in? So cool!

Well, the application is in the mail. If they like us we should be hearing something by March. Wish us luck and hopefully you will see us on the show.