Monday, November 8, 2010

I think I'm getting the hang of this...

Schedules! A necessary evil. I have a husband with a weird schedule of 4am to whenever he's done (sometime between 3 and 7pm) Friday through Monday, two teens with active social lives and my flexible schedule that can change daily. Sometime I feel like a juggler that has no control of how many balls they have in the air at any given time! I'm not complaining. It's a challenge and I like that. I think I've finally figured a way to schedule it all. I know it sounds like it might be easy but, there is a difference on paper to having the family comfortable. We are just getting into the flow of it. Just in time for a new year and Jim's schedule to change. lol His schedule will have the same hours though the days will be Sat.-Tues. He will finally have Fridays off! Yeah!

I'm now also adding to my schedule keeping the house show worthy! As soon as we have this house in shape (wood repair/replacement) we are putting it on the market. Yep, finally getting to sell this place and move to Huntington Beach! Finally back into a single family residence. With a yard and no HOA. We like the inside of our current home, it's just that the neighborhood has become really crowded and there isn't anywhere for company to park. We just can't live with a HOA. We need more freedom. The teens need places they can hang out with friends. We have outgrown this house.

So as soon as we are getting in the swing of our schedules, they are a changing. Makes me so grateful for my flexible schedule and the flexibility of homeschooling.

Happy scheduling!