Sunday, March 30, 2008


We had ourselves the first beach day of the season! It was so nice to lay on the sand and snack from our picknet basket of goodness. The water to was to cold for me, but the girls jumped in for a bit. Cameron made himself a new sand Pokemon with tentacles. Then we strolled along the beach and down Main St. On Main St. a man was handing out "free" flattened pennies with the ten commandments pressed into it. The kids later threw them into the fountain.

We were very hungry by then and asked the police officers which restaurant was a good deal with good food. They gave us a couple of suggestions and we wound up at Fred's Mexican Bar & Grill. The food was good and they had a party atmosphere that we would have enjoyed, if we hadn't been so tired. The price wasn't to bad, especially since we shared plates.

It was a fun exhausting day.


Anonymous said...
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Me said...

Look at that straddle in the first pic. Awesommmeee.

Muscley thighs in last pic. Rock on. XD

The pic of Cameron and I at the fountain is pretty awesome.

Thanks for the beach day! :D