Friday, July 18, 2008

Time goes by with new adventures

My daughter returned with wonderful tail of her time at sea. The two biggest highlights are the bioluminescent plankton and all the wonderful playful interaction of her sea mates. She didn't even tell me about the fish disection where they found the male fish had testis half the size of his entire body! LOL But that is what happens when you have spent over a year volunteering at the aquarium. She had such wonderful adventures.

Just as we are getting all settled into our normal routine, Jim decides he wants to get our painting done. We have been painting the interior of the house. All except the kids rooms. So, we are almost done. Two more days go by and I don't have most of the "stuff" that is misplaced back to where it belongs.

My son has a wonderful opportunity to go away to camp for two nights with a friend. So, he is going. I will be "one less" again. I am so glad they are having such a great summer! How much fun. But I can't help to wonder..."when do I get to go away and have fun?" I would love to do all of the things my kids are doing. But if I went, I wouldn't fully enjoy it because my mind would be on all the things I could be getting done at home. No, I think my away time will come when the kids have moved out and it is just back to being Jim and I. Then of course I will probably want him to come with, so..? LOL