Saturday, December 12, 2009

Gotta Love California Rainy Days

It was raining off and on all day today. I love days like this. It's not to terribly cold (hovered around 60 F) and it gives you that nice cozy feel. It inspired me to do a bit of catching up on things that I could put off for a day like this. So, I caught up on laundry, house cleaning, sorting through clothes, e-mails, Realty News that isn't urgent, and this blog. The best part is when all the catch up is done and you still have a nice rainy evening to relax with the family by a fire, cocoa in hand watching movies like Alice! I hope everyone is having a wonderful rainy day!


Bobbie42 said...

oh man, I'm only halfway through part 1 of Alice - good one to catch up on tonight! Thanks for reminding me. :-)

Karen said...

We are enjoying a Louisiana rainy day. Cozy indeed!