Sunday, June 1, 2008

Chinatown Field Trip in LA

We had a very exciting time in Chinatown last Friday. We were given a walking tour explaining some of the buildings and how the immigrants started their new lives in America. It was funny to see that they had re-opened a former French Hospital that had a Joan of Arc statue and memorial in front. The Chinese had left the statue/memorial there and takes care of it to this day because Joan of Arc was important to the French. We also were treated to a temple. Beautiful temple, such gorgeous workmanship and the incense smelled so good. We got to go inside and experience it all, some even lit incense.

After the walking tour we had luch! The food was good and they even had a show. We saw a traditional fan dance and ribbon dance and were told about the hierarchy of the Imperial family down to the Imperial Guard. They had asked a person from several tables to dress up like the family. :) Then there was a wonderful balancing act and a funny magician. It was all very good!

A smaller group of us decided to go shopping after all the festivities and the teens ( and one young adult) decided to try the Century Eggs. Century Eggs are fermented duck eggs and they are so purple they are almost black. I didn't even have the courage to smell one, by my daughter was one of the teens to try one. Ugghh I staid away from her for a while.

If you would like to see the pictures you can go to You might have to copy and paste it in your address line. Some of the pictures there are from an earlier field trip to Tucker Wild Life Sanctuary. These photos are courtesy of Karin. Karin is kind enough to take them and she is the other half of the field trip excursions we put together.


Lisa said...

Hi Anna, saw the pictures of the eggs. Made me ill just looking at them. No way could I eat them. It looks like you all had a wonderful day in Chinatown.

Anna said...

Hi Lisa, Yes, we had a great time. :)

Me said...

Want to go get some century eggs?