Saturday, June 14, 2008

Our Arizona Vacation!

We packed up our animals and luggage and headed out on the road on June 6Th. Our first stop was Tombstone. We checked into our pet friendly Best Western after a 10 hour drive. As we got acquainted with our new surroundings we felt right at home seeing a mural on the wall of someone who reminded us of a friend of ours named Tommy. This hotel had a fabulous restaurant, Ranch 22, attached that had gourmet food at a decent price.

Rich in history and characters. There was a lot to see and do, we started out with, what else, the old Courthouse Museum (we are homeschoolers after all) then a gun fight! It was a funny, yet informative show. Right after the first show was over there was an other one starting. This time it was a trick riden, rope wranglin, and whipping good time. We were dazzled by Texas Kate who had won a trick riden world championship in the past. She astounded and then floored us when we found out she is in her 50's and still doing all these tricks! Just amazing.

As you can see Jim was having loads of fun. So I asked Texas Kate for some Bull Whippen tips. Wouldn't you know it, I wound up leaving with a 8ft bull whip. Watch out, I may just learn to use it!

Next up was a trolley ride tour to get a lay of the land, so to speak. It was a very informative tour and had some nice twists to it. We even had western Elvis on board for a short while. Uhhn uhn. He wasn't dead, just lives in a ghost town. LOL I have to let you in on a little tip. If you by the trolley tickets, they give you a discount on most of the other attractions and even a few restaurants.

So, can you guess what we did next? After all this excitement we were famished! We mozied on over to the OK Cafe and dug in to some yummy grub. The kids even opted for a genuine Sarsaparilla. MmmMmmm Now that we were refreshed and full, it was a good time to get in some walking and check out the stores and of course the saloon. It had the original beautiful wood bar! We even got to drink the actual whiskey that Doc Holiday had a liking for.

The shops had an array of merchandise and not many that carried that normal cheep souvenir stuff either. One store even had fudge! We found a few good bobble's for some friends and ourselves and headed to.....Boot Hill. On our way out the door, we were distracted by the beginning of the reenactment of the famous OK Coral gun fight. They lead you straight to the coral where they have the rest of the reenactment for only $15 per person.
At one of the shops we were told we would find some interesting grave stones at Boot Hill, the only one we found amusing was this one. After that, we headed back to the hotel and the pool.

Here lies George Johnson
Hanged by mistake
He was right
We was wrong
But we strung him up
And now he's

This was only our first day out of three.....More to come.....


DriedPapercutsAndChickens said...

HEY I recognize that bar from the amazing race family edition! LOL

Anna said...

Yes, but do you recognise Tommy?? LOL

The Random One said...


I want to go there and just walk around in Old West-clothes.

Anna said...

Just don't let the chaps, chap you in the heat! LOL

Yodamom said...

Hey, How is that whip coming along for y'all ?!?!?!?! Yehaw , wild in the wild west !

Anna said...

With the little time I have been able to try it out, I can actually get it to crack! LOL Still working on the over head pop though.