Friday, August 8, 2008

Trials and Turbulence

When it rains it pours they always say and boy it sure seems to be pouring down right now. There will be a verdict on a court case that could effect homeschooling as we know it on top of many other hot spots. Almost everyone I know is involved in some sort of drama. Why is it always rationalised that someone else's feelings always count more than your own? I have never understood it. You know, like when you are upset about what someone keeps doing and when you voice your opinion you are told that it is just their personality or something similar. Does that mean you are not allowed to have your feelings? Or that you are wrong for having your feelings? I seem to be subjected to this quite often and have caught myself saying something similar to a friend of mine and then think to myself, how wrong I was to stuff their feelings. If someone is pissing you off, you should be pissed off. We are human after all and our feelings are there for a reason. Now my family is going through this all at the same time as our friends and all while I am stressed out about our life changing in major ways. I am not dealing with change well at all right now. There just seems to be something in the air.....turbulence.