Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Dissapointment...or...new beginning

Maybe both. I can't say I am thrilled but, maybe I will finally figure out what is going on with my body. I had an appointment with an Endocrinologist this morning. I had been diagnosed with Hashimoto thyroid syndrome. Well...he scanned my thyroid today and said it looked like a perfectly normal healthy thyroid. My levels were normal except for the low TSH which would be right because I am on medication for hypothyroidism. So, he is switching me to a more accurate medication (the synthetic one) and then he plans on weaning me off. I am always happy at the prospect of NOT having to take medication. My concern is....I am already having problems with my energy (which is why they diagnosed me with thyroid probs in the first place) now, what is going to happen to what little energy I have left and why do I have so little? This is still a mystery. This new DR. said we will have to work backwards to figure it out. So, we need to rectify this mess before we deal with that one....but what do I do to stay awake in the mean time????? I have a life that I would eventually like to get back to. One that involves swimming and kayaking and hiking and biking and walking to hell and back. Not to mention the time I am missing out on doing those things with my kids! And there is the hope for a career....

My dream of dreams is to just be better. Maybe, just maybe...I will be weaned off this medicine and it will trigger something in my body to just go back to normal(well, normal for me). Then I can just go about my marry little way. :)


Lenora said...

I am hoping for a new beginning for you.
PS: I would love to get the name of your new Dr. who wants to wean you off the medicine, since I am looking for the same. (Also hypo). Many Drs. are happy to just drug you and keep you on drugs for life. We can talk about our Hypo medication experiences (they don't seem to help me much) and compare notes some time! L

Anna said...

My new Dr. is Dr. Olrich at Kaiser in Irvine off of Alton and Sand Canyon. He said with my test results and how my thyroid looked, I don't need the meds. So, I might have been diagnosed wrong. We will have to compare notes...I should be at park day this coming Monday. :)