Friday, October 3, 2008

Waiting Game

OK, I have been studying as much as possible and now it is seeming very boring. I hope I can remember at least enough to pass my test, which doesn't even have a set day yet. Saturday, I go for my Livescan. After which, I can send all my paperwork in to the board and wait for a date. Then I will have about two to four weeks until that date.

I have a field trip that I am trying to get confirmation on and am having no luck. I know another person was trying for the same trip and I have written her to see if she has heard anything about her schedule yet. The trip is for less than 20 days now an I have been waiting for more than two months for confirmation. I did receive handouts though.... I think the company was overwhelmed by the response they got. If all else fails and I don't hear from them soon....I will go to my plan B and send the handouts to everyone that had interest and they can go on their own if they choose. It just would have been cool in the group with the guide and all. :)

I am going to relax as much as I can today. If Cameron is feeling better, maybe we will go to Disneyland.


The Random One said...

Yay, an update. :D

Yay, Disneyland.